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Hi, we are Bliss. We are specialised in facilitating change. With our community of change professionals, we unburden leading companies in diverse sectors to turn their vision into reality. We do this by realising change and by establishing and training a flexible change organisation. Together, we anticipate on the rapidly changing world around us.

Change roles

For hiring managers who quickly need to find the right person, with the right expertise and the right mindset to successfully facilitate your change from A to B.

Change competence

For professionals and teams who want to turn their ability to change into their power. We train your knowledge, skills and mindset to become the engineer of your own life.

Change organisation

For ambitious companies who want to outsource (a part of) their central change department to be as productive, flexible and predictable as possible.

A few of our customers

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ect landzijde

Meer transparantie voor klanten en medewerkers met een dashboard en app.


Vereenvoudiging van bedrijfsstructuur: het is nog niet zo eenvoudig!


De implementatie van een futureproof BI landschap: cruciaal voor een datagedreven toekomst.


Mindset as a differentiator

Nowadays, knowledge has become a common good, therefore we believe you can make the difference with the right mindset. By personal Bliss coaching, growth days and moments of reflection we increase the self awareness of our Bliss*ers to facilitate change with more success and fun.

The benefits?

Diagram Bliss V1_1 (1)

Our change framework

A lot is at play when realising change. What is experienced as 'normal' suddenly gets replaced with the 'new normal'. How do we handle this effectively? There are numerous change methods available, even so many that we sometimes seem to get bogged down in the approach. Bliss has developed the UR Change Framework™. By using this method-independent framework, we manage the interactions, processes and result dependent on what the urgency and context asks of us.

Want to become an Associate Bliss*er?

Bliss has diverse assignments for freelancers in the field of telecom, logistics and utilities. You can think of IT, infrastructure, network, hardware, software and organisational related changes. Does this sound like your thing? If so, we would love to get in contact with you!

Looking for a Bliss*er that turns your vision into reality? Contact us.

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