Our mission

The business world is ready for more love, joy and connection.

Only 30% of employees reports feeling truly engaged and committed in organisations. Staff turnover, burnouts, conflicts and miscommunication: these are all symptoms of our competitive business world. This world is currently still lacking of one of the most important factors in life: love, joy and connection with each other.

Mutual understanding

We want to learn our customers and their goals, culture and leadership. Through one on one coaching we increase the self awareness and the ability to reflect of our professionals. This way, we learn to communicate with an open heart to create a mutual understanding before we offer a solution. 

Making a connection

We think it is important to connect and grow together in order to achieve the desired outcome. Bliss does not simply offer you with a large number of bland resumes. We make a connection between the demand and the right people to take on the project. We aim to provide a home base for connection and growth. By using our own change framework we stay connection with our stakeholders throughout the entire change process.

change together

We are determined to achieve growth by focussing on people and organisational results. We take initiative, experiment and reflect together to be successful. That is our execution power. At Bliss, we have fun with the realisation of change. We support each other by coming together at Growth Days to find new perspectives and learn from each other. groeidagen om nieuwe inzichten op te doen en van elkaar te leren. 

What does 'Bliss' stand for?

Bliss means having undisturbed joy in change. We understand that with realising change we have to deal with the ups and the downs, risks and opportunities. Our professionals enjoy stepping into the unkown and the continuous growth process. With this mindset we are capable to stay connected when there is resistence and stay determined when everything is working against us. Want to be part of our mission? Join our team!