Change competence

The right mindset is key
in achieving your goals

Are you looking for a training on project-based working or in the field of Agile and Scrum? Do you want to increase your self-awareness level in order to achieve your goals in work and private life with more joy and effectiveness? Bliss trains organisations, teams and individuals on how to achieve results, while experiencing more connection, love and joy. 

Small groups

To allow each participant to proactively participate in cases, assignments and exercises, we work with small groups with a maximum of 12 participants. We make sure each participant has the time and space to come to their own insights so they can share these with others, increasing the impact and effectiveness of the training.

Always two trainers

Our training is always given by two trainers to facilitate both the content and the process of the training. They alternate and take the time to give participants enough space to be able to ask (personal) questions while keeping an overview of the whole group.

Lasting results

Every training of Bliss is aimed for lasting results by focusing on the individual. We do this by applying the 70, 20, 20 learning model. 70% of the time you will be occupied by experimenting and experiencing together. We believe that information only becomes relevant when you try it out yourself.

Life Choices

Participants receive a two-part training on the Bliss mindset. The training course revolves around making effective choices, reflection and determining your own vision of life.

Bliss Coaching

In one-on-one coaching sessions, we work on specific personal challenges and combine this with further development of the Bliss mindset.

Agile Experience

Participants are trained in three days on the principles of Agile (philosophy) and Scrum (method) and the associated soft skills. Optional: Exam for PSM-1 or PSPO-1 certificate.

Project-based working

Participants receive a one-day training on the Bliss UR Change Approach. The UR change approach focusses on achieving results, always taking the urgency as a starting point.


Astrid van Kamp

According to Astrid 'saying is doing'. Astrid is a no-nonsense business woman. This makes her a powerful change professional that has her own unique way of working. 

Does your organisation want to become more successful in change and innovation?

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