Change organisation

Growing together

Bliss supports partners by providing change capacity on a large scale. Together, we look at the way we can organise your change organisation as smart and flexible as possible. With our predictable service model we create a close collaboration to realise change value driven. As partner we work towards results. Optimal quality for the right price.

Partner in change

Together we create a partner framework and we agree on which type of change Bliss can support and how much capacity is needed per month. We unburden you of recruitment, matching & contract administration and facilitate the connection between the people.

Unique change as a service model

We don't believe in accumulating as many billable hours as possible. We focus on adding value and understand that the required capacity can differ per month. Therefore, we are flexible with contract agreements. At any given time projects can easily be scaled up and down as needed. 

Reduce costs and improve quality

Pay based on classified work packages. This way, we realise a proven cost savings of at least 10% on annual basis (*based on a midpoint effort of at least 150 hours per week). In order to deliver the best quality, each change request is classified individually based on the right level of expertise and complexity.

For organisations that ...

How it works

Time materialChange as a service (*Bliss)Fixed price
PriceRate per hourService fee per monthpre-arranged
Negotiation & positioning
of consultancy company
Fee is known in advance based on
complexity, mid point effort and the
Estimation of the desired result incl. Risks translated into a fixed price
CollaborationSecondment: per period of
x number of hours per week
Partnership: classification of
work package & joint innovation objective
in the field of change
Customer / supplier: complete
outsourcing of the work
Effort: making hours to
facilitate change is
Value: requires collaboration in advance
to classify the desired change
Result: stimulates complicated
contracts and is based on
covering risks

The partnership with Bliss is based on connecting, sharing and trust. Together we continuously build our community together, so we can grow together in achieving business results.

Paula Abrantes - Manager Portfolio & Project Management at
T-Mobile Netherlands

Growing together with T-Mobile

T-Mobile has a centralised pool of project managers of which over 40% is completely sourced through Bliss. Together we innovate our way of working, resulting in:


Renate Haverkamp

A real power woman! She gets everything and everyone moving to achieve the desired results. She doesn't shy away from the impossible, Renate only sees possibilities. 

Want to know more about our service model?

Renate is a co-founder of Bliss. She would like to discuss how Change as a Service can add value to your organisation.